Ten Things that Are Awesome

Spring on the homestead is so superbly crazy that all I truly have time for is making records. Like this one, for instance, in light of the fact that there wasn’t sufficient space on my bigass blackboard for every one of the things I have to complete in the following couple of weeks…


I am resolved not to give that rundown a chance to overpower me this year, so as opposed to concentrating on oh my goodness I-need to-do-every one of the-things!, here’s a rundown of stuff I’m thankful for this spring. (Finish with a wide range of over the top outcry focuses! Since spring!)

1.) Things are developing in the garden!


The alternative coldframes my mother and I made (out of boards from my dismantled nursery) are thoroughly working! Every one of the seeds we planted half a month prior have grown.

2.) whatever remains of the current raised beds are loaded with earth and prepared for planting!


A year ago I introduced 9 new raised beds on the in the past weed-ridden side of the garden, however just figured out how to get 5 of them loaded with soil and planted. I at long last completed that venture off a weekend ago, which implies there are 4 new raised beds simply sitting tight for be planted. (Obviously, you know I’m additionally going to fabricate about six a greater amount of these things this year since I can’t help myself… however that is a story for another post.)

3.) The principal campfire of the season!


Felt somewhat supernatural (and looked a little mystical as well.)

4.) A chose absence of ticks!


The guineas have truly begun gaining their keep this year. There are 7 in my present run, and they’ve at last begun meandering the entire property (back field, field, even over the road in my neighbors yard) thus far this year I’ve discovered just a single tick on one of the jackasses. All records around my zone are that it’s an awful year for ticks– and I never find only one on the donkeys– however so far we’ve been pretty tick free here, which is stunning.

5.) Progress on the garden trellis!

For a few years the section to the garden has resembled this…


Furthermore, it influences my eye to jerk each time I take a gander at it. I at last started thinking responsibly a week ago and put the best on it…


Presently all it needs is a little grid up the sides and a delightful climbing bloom to finish the garden passage.

6.) Cherry blooms!


A considerable measure of the trees out in the plantation are sprouting. My pears and more seasoned peach trees are doing wonderful, the apples are making a solid demonstrating this year, and even my minor minimal cherry trees are demonstrating some life. It’s a magnificent to see everything awakening after a long winter.

7.) Chicken tetherball!

That is to say, genuinely. Likewise, I’m endeavoring to develop some very much ensured wellspring grass in the run..


We’ll perceive how that goes.

8.) such a significant number of honey bees!

I have two bundles of honey bees coming toward the beginning of May to supplant the hives I lost the previous fall, yet significantly additionally energizing is that my companion Katy just got her initially hives, which I helped her introduce this week…


“Aided” = took pictures and gave moral help, all things considered I’m quite recently super eager to have another beekeeper in my friend network!

9.) These folks!


That is to say, no doubt, a few of us are working our rear ends off over here this spring, and the real asses are recently snoozing in the field, yet genuinely, those appearances.

10.) A place to put my feet up!


The yard furniture is out, which implies toward the finish of a hard days work I have a place to kick back, drink a glass of wine, and appreciate the dusk… which, truly, is every one of the a young lady can request over here on the homestead.

(Also, alright, even I’m tired of the shout focuses at the present time, despite the fact that each and every something or other feels sufficiently energizing to merit one.)

In case I will be straightforward and legitimate here for a moment I’ll disclose to you that spring keeps on being a blend of good and terrible, truly extreme and truly astonishing, so much uneasiness thus much “hellfire yes, I can do this current!” There’s a piece of me that needs to take a seat and catch the majority of the numerous stories that are occurring in this insane time of year, however a greater piece of me needs to go set down and rest for a gazillion hours.

I’m still sort of crude and harming from what feels like an unbalanced measure of misfortune on the homestead a year ago (and early this year too), I have some genuine tension around neglecting to secure and support all that I’m in charge of here, and I’m additionally managing some disappointing medical problems that make everything appear to be only somewhat more troublesome… however notwithstanding the majority of that (and a pestering voice in the back of my head that continues endeavoring to reveal to me that I “can’t”) I’m reminding myself to turn upward from my issues, glance around at all the wonderful things around me, and be thankful for what I have.

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